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Double Robot: robot that mounts an iPad atop a motorized stand, letting you see, hear, and move about far-away environments using nothing but an iPad on the other end. A touch-based interface makes controlling the Double a breeze, while an accelerometer and gyroscope work to keep the 10"-wide robot stable until you're done moving it, at which point dual kickstands pop out to let the battery take a rest. Welcome to the future. $2000

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Marble Agate iPad Case, Tablet Case - 2nd Gen iPad Case, 3rd Gen iPad Case, 4th Gen iPad case. iPad Case

Our iPad Case and iPad Mini Case are made from hard plastic and snap on to the back of you device. The iPad case has all the appropriate cut outs for the ports and features of your device, allowing you to use the full capabilities without removing the iPad case. If you have another tablet make please let us know as we maybe able to source one for you :) Delivery after shipped: UK within 5 working days Europe within 7 working days Everywhere else within 10 working days During busier…

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Onanoff Sound Cover Boosts iPad Air Volume by 400

The Onanoff Sound Cover is an iPad stand and cover with built-in flat panel stereo speakers, offering powerful, high quality sound, that boosts your iPad’s volume by up to 400%.

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Remistudio's Massive Floating Ark Battles Rising Tides

Maison flottante du futur en forme de coquillage.

INFOGRAPHIC: iPhone 5 - Check out the new iPhone

INFOGRAPHIC: iPhone 5 - Check out the new iPhone

Oh, Sheldon...

When The Big Bang Theory meets Disney…

Oh, Sheldon...


10 Cool & Creative Candle Designs That Will Light Your Heart On Fire

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