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    Jewels of well-to-do Titanic passengers on display together for first time ever #Orlando #Titanic #Jewelry

    Violin that Played as Titanic Sank Found in Attic (The History Blog, picture courtesy Henry Aldridge & Son)

    Titanic China

    Titanic 1st Class Bedroom

    Along with its passengers and crew, twelve dogs were also onboard Titanic. The twelve canines were brought onboard by ten of Titanic’s First Class passengers and their families, including John Jacob Astor. Out of the twelve dogs onboard only three survived, a Pekinese and two Pomeranians. The Pomeranians were brought onto lifeboats by their mistreses, Margaret Hays and Mrs Elizabeth Barrett Rothschild. A Pekinese named Sun Yat Sen was saved by his master, Henry S. Harper, in Lifeboat 3.


    As the Titanic sailed out of Southampton, her huge displacement caused the mooring lines on the SS New York to break, and the New York’s stern swung out and nearly hit the Titanic, as seen in this picture

    A hat from the RMS Titanic which was recovered from the ocean floor. 1912..........

    A chandelier hangs near where the Grand Staircase once was

    In describing her experiences, Mrs. George D. Widener, whose son & husband, drowned. Harry, her son went to the deck & told us that we must go on deck. They went on deck & aided the officers with those in the steerage. That was the last I saw of my husband or son." "I went on deck & was put into a life boat. As the boat pulled away from the Titanic I saw one of the officers shoot himself in the head & a few minutes later saw Capt. Smith jump from the bridge into the sea."

    This vintage print shows the Titanic shortly before leaving on her maiden voyage in 1912. (New York Times Archives) #

    Titanic Artifacts

    Titanic debris field


    SOS: The wireless message sent by Titanic radio operator Jack Phillips to call for help

    Fragment of a bronze deck bench, found in the debris field of the wreck

    Titanic debris field

    Life boats from Titanic at ocean floor

    Titanic debris field

    100 years photo memories luxury liner Titanic sank Pictures

    Laura Mabel Francatelli and Other Survivors This newspaper clipping shows Titanic survivors Laura Mabel Francatelli with her employer Lady Duff-Gordon, the owner of a leading dress salon called Madame Lucille and Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon.

    Life Preserver Detail This close-up of the life preserver worn by Laura Mabel Francatelli shows how the vest was signed by other Titanic survivors who were rescued by the same boat.

    The Life Preserver

    Madeline inherited from her husband the income from a five million dollar trust fund and the use of his home on Fifth Ave, and in the Newport so long as she did not marry. In August 1912 she gave birth to a son with whom she was pregnant on the Titanic and she named him after her husband, John Jacob Astor