Chipmunk in the rain.


Flying squirrel animals nature wildlife photography birds


Peeking out from behind the woodpile

Hi Lillie Grace!!!

Happy squirrel

What nuts? I see no nuts here.

Spring Lamb Enjoying the Flowers, baby animals wildlife photography. My beagle used to stop and smell the flowers.



lapin dans le jardin

"My wife getting a hug from a baby squirrel that she's taking care of." from IMGUR

OH I just HAD to pin this! If this isn't my son and I then I don't know what is. I've been so emotional lately about him graduating from 8th grade. High school graduation may just kill me. Lol. Me:You're a big boy now but always remember that Mommy loves you. *mmmmmuah* Son:Maaaa, you're killin' my vibe here. Me:Soooorrry. Wipes off kiss. :)

Gathering nuts

White Squirrel

Red Squirrel Photo