44 essential digital camera tips and tricks

Shutter Speed: an overview. Excellent reference point. Print and shove in your camera bag.

This camera trick will have you taking pictures like a pro.

10 tips for great pictures includes some of the basics and few advanced tricks and tips which make the Photograph usually better.

SO IMPORTANT! White balance explained: how cameras correct the color of different types of light

General Rules and tips for ISO Camera Settings: •Use an ISO of 100 or 200 when taking photographs outside in sunny conditions. • If the sky is overcast or it is evening time, then use an ISO within the range of 400 to 800. • Night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera ISO to 1600. If you don't then your photo will appear too dark if at all.

dslr lenses- get to know all about telephoto, prime lenses, wide angle and kit lenses! Which to use for faces, which to use for places, and everything in between. (great info for beginner photographers)

back button focus. Been working on this.

Understanding Digital Camera Modes

101 Photography tips

How to find your lens' sweet spot: a 3-step guide

How to control the Aperture and Depth of Field

100 Nikon DSLR tips you need to know right now

Camera cleaning: 5 ways to healthcheck your camera with confidence www.makesellgrow.com#photo#idea#tips

Canon EOS Cameras: 100 things you never knew they could do

Learn to shoot like a pro

Fabulous blog on the basics of digital photography. Each post is a new lesson w/ an activity to do to make you learn your camera. Perfect for Nikon or Canon owners.

It's not just the camera, people!! Another pinner says : "I always direct anyone asking me about my camera (and how to use it) to this site. Its all explained so simply, and taught me how to start using my DSLR. My sister printed it out and keeps it as a reference in her camera bag. Great idea!"

Cheat Sheet: How to Hold a Camera - Digital Photography School

Thinking about using manual mode on your camera? This cheat sheet should help get you started