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    • Raemi Anglin

      This is pretty much my life's motto. Let's go!

    • Courtney Streu

      All rights to the Disney Food Blog on Facebook!

    • Tania Kolarik

      kind of the plan for march lol

    • Sandra Custer

      Disney World. (I long for this kind of spontaneity some day.)

    • Gretchen Inman

      I love these! Posted on Facebook by Disney Dining.

    • Tomi Rich

      It could work, but then I wouldn't be able to make reservations with which restuarant to coincide with which theme park, that would thereby correspond with what outfit to wear in which to match the Disney character it was made to depict for the appropriate timing of character meets. No, on second thought, months of planning are needed. LAUGHING SO HARD!

    • Carolyn Sutter

      Must plan a Disney trip soon!

    • Taylor Ann Skelton

      This is my family about 95% of the time we plan a Disney Vacation.

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