@Kellee Gilpin : For Kyle :)

... Except I may actually do it out loud!

Seriously, one of my biggest pet peeves. also in that catagory: especially and expecially

so true #DrSaraDetox

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SO many people will not understand this

This princess shirt is great for all spring breakers who love shots and tiaras because "my princess name is drinking beauty." This funny drinking shirt is perfect for birthday shirts, bachelorette party, spring break, spring break shirts, princess t shirts and spring break quotes. Be the princess you want to see in the world, a whole new world.

Absolutely true.

Good plan! @Caryn Welch

sad but true for most! lol


So true lol


Reading PSA


For amy

What I want to ask my wife.

Oh, the future!

Grammar humor. :) grammar