@Kellee Gilpin : For Kyle :)

Completely true. I need this on a T-shirt.

So true lol

Yeah most of the time I just do it out loud. Sorry friends! Well not really - sincerely The Grammar Nazi

SO many people will not understand this

Reading PSA

... Except I may actually do it out loud!

Let's talk about you again... Hahahaha

but really

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Haha so funny!! True...Even though most people wouldn't admit it!! Ha Funny Friendship Ecard: That moment when you hear someone else call your bestfriend their bestfriend and you are like... No.

When I see incorrect spelling in a facebook post, I feel compelled to use the correctly spelled word in my comment. I'm helpful like that. @someecards SERIOUSLY.




so go do it!


This is so true :)

I am convinced...