Summer is in full swing and that means cooking stuff without the benefit of walls, roofs or electricity.  For most of us this means a metal bucket on wheels (barbecue grill) of some sort, but the folks Food52 have another options for you.  Build your own backyard fire pit.

DIY Fire Pit

stools around the fire pit

Build a Backyard Pig Roasting Pit | Field & Stream

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

One Ring Fire Pit

Backyard fire pit

DIY build a fire pit, want to try this in the backyard.

fire pit.

Fire pit

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a backyard fire pit

How to build a fire pit

DIY fire pit

Building a fire pit

DIY Stone Fire Pit Ideas for Fire PIt Seating

How to Restore an Old Fire Pit

fire pit

Backyard fire pit

Fire pit