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I would blow this photo up and put it on my wall if it was high enough resolution. Black and white dance photo photography of em pointe dancer stretching in greyscale

Be Balanced, Be Well.

Don't you just hate it when you shorts gap at the waist while doing a sexy back bend on a bridge?


This is what happens when you take a group of dancers to the beach. And the beach has a dock.

so amazing

this picture shows how dance now has evloved into hosting conventions and competions. This tilt shows how this is what you society considers you to be a good dancer. Tricks may be cool, but they only show that youre flexible. The basics really show who is

Photo by Natalia in ... - Flyinsky

Top 10 Most Beautiful Photos Of Ballerinas

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be diferrent!!!

converse all star. If my ballet teacher would have let me wear these I wouldn't have left modern version of fame dance art photo