Life is good Gotta run

Life is Short.

I can't wait til I can say I can run a mile. Right now I can only run about a quarter of a mile without stopping, but hey, you gotta start some where!

It's true! I wish I could wear running clothes to work.

running can be life changing. #runforwomen #womensmentalhealth #running motivation

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I need to read this every day.

Gotta try

Well isn't this the truth? Cute running T-Shirt - fun gift(s) for the runner in your life! :)

...don't eat them

Life is Good

In every area of life this is true

"I don't stop when I'm tired, I stop when I'm done." Good weapon for the "Can we get off early?" game my mind plays on me on the cardio machines. (fitness motivation)

"Couldn't be more true. The runner's high that you get once you commit to a sport that requires nothing but a pair of shoes is euphoric. It can be done anytime, anywhere and can give an individual the physical, mental and emotional toughness they need to get over mountains in life." All that sounds nice and all but I still can't run...

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Story of my life

Thanks, I needed that. #letgo Keep It Simple



my life!