Red balloon Let it go forearm tattoo

Balloon tattoo


Beautiful Flower Watercolor Tattoo on Forearm for Girls

Melina Wendlandt traços precisos, muita tinta preta, misturando o estilo linework, blackwork e dotwork

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Side Forearm Tattoo

OMG!! I want this tattoo!!!

i wouldn't want it on my forearm. for some reason it looks perfect on this dude's arm. at first i thought it was on the back of his calf lol

Cute tattoos

forearm and side rib tattoos

My new tattoo! I'm in love with it! Symbol for new beginnings!

A tattoo with lyrics from the Beatles' song "All You Need Is Love".

Watercolor tattoo


I am really considering getting a rose on my shoulder. It's so feminine and beautiful an would look great with the quote across my shoulder blades!!

white tattoo (17)

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Tattoo Idea!