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Fotos de Cartomancia e Tarôt

Filosofia cortesana de Alonso de Barros (1588) by peacay, via Flickr

leitura de baralho cigano e cartomancia Reading and Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck

Cartes Divinatoires - Grand Jeu De Mlle Lenormand

LES Tarots DE Mlle Lenormand Signification Interpretation Divination 1JEU | eBay

My own design of the 8. Coffin card. / Mi diseño de la carta 8. Ataúd.

Joséphine chez Mlle. Lenormant. (1906). Normand, Louis Marie, 1789-1874 -- Engraver Ribault, Julie, fl. 1810-1826 -- Artist. Printed on border: "D'après un dessin de Ribault gravé par Normand fils (Collection A. Devaux)" Original Source : From Les cartes á jouer du quatorzième au vingtième siècle. (Paris Hachette, 1906) Allemagne, Henry René d' (1863-1950), Author.

Sangoma’s bag for divination, containing 30 animal vertebrae, 2 pebbles, a hoof, 2 pieces of carved bone, and a nut shell


The Lovers - VI - Major Arcana | Tarot de Marsella

Digitalt Museum - Kortspill, spåkort

✯ 8 - Strength Tarot: Unshakeable resolve, calm composure and patience, compassion, persuasion and soft control, tempered force .. By ~Puimun✯

Spell Correspondences for Thursday: Use these to aid any magickal workings you may be doing. Thursday is the best day for anything involving spiritual growth, music, dancing, religion, legal matters, wealth, happiness and male fertility. It is linked to Jupiter and the element of Water. Use/wear colours like purple, mauve, violet. Crystals to use/carry can include Sapphire, Amythest, Coral. Flowers can include Carnation, sage, Opium Poppy, clovepink and Heliotrope.

The Alphabet of Angels.

Monika maîtrise le jeu divinatoire

Look into your life and calmly create it in the image of your dreams. You are the queen, not the servant. (Lillian Gish, Early 1920s) #divorce #betrayal #scrying

The World - Universal Goddess Tarot

American Version of Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards was made about 1900.

Black Mandrake

Tarot card paradise tarot tarot tarot tarot

Sangoma fortune telling bones. Photo credit: Horst Klemm