PVC Sprinkler Water Toy - how smart is this? $10 worth of materials from the hardware store will bring lots of joy this summer.

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pvc pipe yard sprinkler for kids

DIY Toddler Chairs {Made out of PVC Pipe} Tutorial - 8 elbow pieces, 6 T-shaped pieces, 1 length of 3/4" PVC Pipe.

My grand boys need this PVC playhouse. Pinner says: Ok, so I didn't do this, but my sister made it for my kids for Christmas and the LOVE it! It's so easy to put together and she also made a bag to store it in out of old jeans! Did I mention that my kids LOVE this thing? :)

PVC sprinkler water toy

pvc pipes with curtians to make a fort

PVC Sensory bin

Kiddie Car Wash Sprinkler... a little complicated, might have to hire this out ... ha ha

Cool the kids off with this homemade sprinkler. Take a 2 liter soda bottle, and poke holes in it. Hook your hose up to it, toss over a tree branch and turn on the water!

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