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  • Kim Singleton

    Real men like cats. Soldiers with Their Best Friends — The Kitty Edition [10 Pictures].

  • Ali Hoxie

    dream man... aviators, scruff and most importantly: kitten

  • Tiffany McIntosh

    Soldiers with their cats I don't know where to pin this - With the hot guys board or with the animals. I'll do both.

  • Milty Lee

    An unusual sight was seen a few days ago, with the exit of Paratrooper Brigade forces from Lebanon: one of the brigade reserve soldiers was carrying, along with all his heavy equipment and weapon, a white kitten. "On the way back to Israeli territory we passed through the village of Kauzer," said the soldier, "and all of a sudden I saw a kitten coming out of one of the houses. After a few seconds I realized it is wounded and that its hearing has been hurt. I picked it up and carried it for six kilometers, until we reached Israeli territory. I decided it deserves a better future. After all, it is not its fault that war broke out." The first thing the cat and its new owner did after having crossed the border into Israeli territory was to share IDF military canned meat. The cat was named Kauzer by its new owner.

  • HeroBracelets .org

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نحب الحياة إذا ما استطعنا إليها سبيلا (We love life whenever we can) - فتح - بيروت 1982 June 1982, Beirut, Lebanon --- Palestinian Soldier Stroking a Kitten

"The city of cats and the city of men exist one inside the other, but they are not the same city." --Italo Calvino

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Adorable eyes of cat and kitten looking so cute sitting together..... (click on picture to see more stuff)

This is a beautiful black cat. It is nice to see people putting up pictures of black cats today. Thank you from The Incensewoman Happy Black Cat Tuesday to all.

"A cat will allow you to sleep on the bed--on the edge." --Jenny DeVries

I think I'm addicted to history and war and soldiers. #IGotAThingForThatStuff

yes, i have a problem. i love cats. they make me happy, ok?

hot guy and a cat, yeah. Im in love.

Purrfection (Ocelot) ... gorgeous kitty

Gorgeous little bit of fluff. Black kitten.  Sorcerer by Stephie Kaczala :) by Janny Dangerous.