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Laurel and Napoleonic Bee. How cute is this @Katie Anderson , I know you talked about getting a Bee for Hummel

It's ok love") I know your a busy bee and got things to do...Honestly, a giant Cheeseburger mural would've been alot better..haha...Sounds like you had a long day, better drink that coffee when you get to work...haha..I've been running a few errands b4 church, I hate traffic right now, it's nasty....How are you love? You still tired from your Netflix binging...haha...OMG, I just drove by the Robobank, guess who's coming?...haha

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12 Amazing Tattoo Designs for Shoulder Blade


bumble bee, decorative frame, illustration, vintage style

People are afraid of bee stings. Ironically, getting a tattoo of a bee will be alot more painful than a sting could ever be.