Wings Over The Rainbow: Saga Continues

Vivid Niltava, taken at Xinzhongheng, Nantou County, TAIWAN.

Yellow warbler.

Quetzal of Guatemala.


.Roseate Spoonbill,

Anhinga in her elegant attire. Photo by Huntington Girl

Asian Bird of Paradise, nature's exotic beauty.

"Home Sweet Home" by Michaela Sagatova on Flickr. She said "A black-capped chickadee family is residing in one of my colourful bird houses out front."


Northern Female Cardinal

Did you know about Pumpkin Seed?

Fans flock to see famous Kakapo

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Phoenix Landing 2012 Avian Wellness Retreat

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The Lonely Parrot, a children's book

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A thought on parrots, behavior, training, and approach

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