Wings Over The Rainbow: Saga Continues

Vivid Niltava, taken at Xinzhongheng, Nantou County, TAIWAN.


Quetzal of Guatemala.

Yellow Warbler

.Roseate Spoonbill,

Anhinga in her elegant attire. Photo by Huntington Girl

Love these colours - beautiful pink....Southern Carmine Bee-eater.

Asian Bird of Paradise, nature's exotic beauty.

Redwing fighting off a Blue Heron

A Black-Capped Chickadee family is residing in one of my colourful bird houses out front. |Photo by ~Michaela Sagatova~|


Did you know about Pumpkin Seed?

Fans flock to see famous Kakapo

Life With Alex: The Movie releases October 1st, 2012

Phoenix Landing 2012 Avian Wellness Retreat

AFA Fundamentals of Aviculture Level II

I Found a baby Bird Now What? Infographic

2 green wing macaw parrots

Sammy the Mitred

A thought on parrots, behavior, training, and approach