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A scruffy, young, male Blue Wren in his first molt i think. This was shot through the glass of my kitchen window. Surprised at how well it turned out considering.

The morning my mom past away these bluebirds were outside the hospital room all over the lawn. We saw them from her hospital room window. We were amazed since she adored birds so much. It was as if they were welcoming her home. Miss you momma. DEEDEE PAULINE!!!!!!

Eastern Bluebird Nest Boxes

EASTERN BLUEBIRD Sialia sialis Bird Spotting: True to its name the male eastern bluebird is colored a brilliant blue along its back, wings and tail. The chest is reddish orange. Females are similar in appearance, but not quite as bright.

Bluebirds - made it the house and surveying the area for mealworms - I'm coming with the mealworms!!!!!!!

❤ Awesome shot of my favorite, bluebirds!

Bluebird. - bedroom theme here to find out more

Bluebird House. It doesn't look like a bluebird house to me. How does it open?

I've been seeing an Eastern Bluebird at my feeder lately. I didn't know they'd do that!

Beautiful bluebird feeding the babies