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    Astounding Tricks To Do With Eggs

    Put jello in straws and make WORMS!!

    Speed-Peel A Potato, possible the coolest kitchen trick ever!!!

    Inject some food coloring into lemons and they completely change colors! Fun for a party!!

    This is what happens when you put an egg in vinegar for a while.

    Use boiling water instead of tap water to make clear ice. Who knew!?

    Cake Filled Egg Shells

    30+ OTHER Uses for Plastic Easter Eggs. Why let the fun stop at Easter? This collection is full of great games, crafts, uses, and learning activities to make use of those eggs once the egg hunts are done. Don't throw out those eggs! And keep a bunch handy to use through the year with these fun ideas!

    Stunning Tricks With Eggs To Do At Home

    Deviled Egg Spread...YEP...

    Colored Deviled Eggs! (Make just as you would easter egg dye) 1 teaspoonful of cider vinegar, about 3 drops of food coloring and water in each glass.

    Life tricks

    Make an Alien Abduction Lamp - for just $5! Dollar store craft

    DIY idea

    Easter: blow out eggs with nose syringe!

    Grow crystals in an eggshell

    Baked Oatmeal Casserole... bake at night, eat breakfast for the week

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