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So true! Some people need to realize they aren't as big as they think they are.

You Don'T Need Someone To Complete You

Finding Someone Special

Special Someone Quotes

Special Needs Quotes

Find Someone Who

Need To

Best Quotes To Live By Truths

You Complete Me Quotes Relationships

Agreed Quotes

#1 SECRET love trick that will make ANY MAN desire you...CLICK TO SEE..Awesome method

Big Words

Wise Words

Words Of Wisdom

Power Of Words

Homelovely Wisdom

Wisdom Pills

Great Words

Seductive Vocabulary

Seductive Power


Don'T Care Quotes

Quotes Infj

Care Damn

True Words

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Newsflash Bitch

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Sad Angry Funny

Bitching Quotes Board

If you hate me, I don't care... #quotes #quote

Judge People

Don'T Judge Me

True People

Judging People

Pre Judge

Point People

Judge Till

Dont Judge My Past

Wanna Judge


Lifehackfrom Lifehack

It’s Not The Lie That Bothers Me

Lie Bothers

Don T Insult

Major Insult

Direct Insult

Find Offensive

Highly Offensive

Totally Offensive

Offensive Quotes

Don T Lie

It's not the lie that bothers me. It's the insult to my intelligence that I find offensive.


Nunca é tarde para mudar de carreira

Big Life

In My Life

Live Life

Life Change

The Change



Pretty Scary


change is beautiful, if you are willing to embrace it...xx

Rise 3

Still I Rise

Voltaire Quotes



Strength 3


Pick Yourself Up


Well, I don't know how well I've risen, but I sure have fallen!

Moving To Texas Quotes

Moving To Colorado

Moving Away Quotes

Just The Two Of Us Quotes

Go With Your Gut Quotes

Make A Change

Life Change

Pretty Scary

Pretty Much

Although weight loss surgery is a big change it can be a very positive experience! Florida Bariatric Surgeon Dr Shillingford supports this

Quotes On Setting Boundaries

Boundaries Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries

People Pleaser Quotes

People Pleasers



Care Taker Quotes

Givers Have To Set Limits

Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do.

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Life Quotes

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Remember This

True Stories

True Story

Life Story

Dr. Who

~ so true. make people feel appreciated and they will go out of their way for you to make you hapy ~

True Ughhh




People Walk

Bad People

Hey Leave

Beautiful Hey

Hm Food

So true

Can T Start

New Start

Start Anew

Start Fresh

Start Today

Start Life

Start Future

Focus Future

Future Forget


Couldn T Agree

Life Life

Your Life

Life Hit

Call Life

Real Life

Absolutely True

Sooo True

Damn True

The best thing...even being pregnant( which is a blessing) people around us have shown their TRUE colors...people you'd think would care, seem to forget you...and people you least expect it from are the ones spoiling me!!

Real Truth

Truth Hurts

Truth Creeps

There'S Truth

Speaks Truth

Speak The Truth

Angry Truth

Angry People

Listen To People When They Are Angry

listen to people when they are angry, that is when the truth comes out, words, quote, typography

Don T Care

Didn'T Care

Take Care



True Stories

True Story

Sad Story

Sad Stories About Love

People who don't care.


It happens for a reason…

Truth Hurts

There'S Truth

It Hurts

Truth Rules

Honesty Hurts

Face Truth

Gospel Truth

Dirty Truth

Life Hurts

Everything happens for a reason.

Quotes About Clouds

Quotes About Rain

Cloud Quotes

Dark Clouds Quotes

Quotes About Purpose

Quotes About Sunshine

Funny Quotes About Happiness

Funny Sayings About Life

Funny Quotes About Life Inspiration

I wish they were gone forever!!!!


You Re Quiet

Be Kind Or Be Quiet

Finally Quiet

Rarely Quiet

I'M Rarely




You know me so well Kara. Thank you for noticing, and for caring. I'm lucky to have you as a friend. :)