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i mostly like the idea and the artwork in this one, although it doesn't quite apply to me

...but I do know about them, after writing 30+ journals about what's going on inside of me.

#magical #thinking brings on magical things!...The power of #words never fails..

theidealoptimist: left-nut: untitled by virginia calloway on Flickr. THIS COULDN’T BE MORE ACCURATE being a 20something makes me think everything is deep and important and there’s no hope.

Perfect saying for fashion lovers

INFPNetworkPoster.jpg Photo: This Photo was uploaded by WhereIsNovember. Find other INFPNetworkPoster.jpg pictures and photos or upload your own with Ph...

INFP. I'm actually INTJ, but I enjoy building castles in the sky too.

I definitely thought this said "midget garden" and immediately pictures a bunch of small people sprouting out of the ground and popping out of flowers.

That plaguing, mind driving question...Why? Sorta goes with "move with a purpose."

my imaginary friends get into all kinds of mischief.

"Titles are overrated." Photo found on Imgur. Does this represent Infps correctly?