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Dog Hates Everything

Easter means bunny time! And these pet owners have taken it to a whole new level by dressing their pets as Easter bunnies for our -- and your-- enjoyment. Some are simply adorable . others are just hysterical.


Dog Humor: It's 3 a. and you just got one young man? You have 5 seconds to get me noms or I'll bark my head off in front of Mom's door.

Bahahaaaa!!!! This dog goes perfectly with the saying!!! Look at those cute buggy eyes!!! Lol

A very happy pug mother surrounded by her newborn pups. Pugs and puppies, two of my favorite things!

A tiny black and white puppy sleeping on its owner's bed.

Here is a photo of a cute little boston terrier puppy sleeping in the bed. Shhh this baby is sleeping. Do not disturb please!

Cat attacked pup, no known reason. Pup needs immediate attention, for trauma and injuries. Wounds must