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colorful rooster... chickens can be beautiful as well as entertaining... no wonder we name them.

Beautiful Mr. Rooster. I may have already pinned this but it looks like the rooster I had the neighbors dog took out! :(

Mr. Rooster I needed such a fellow in my mental graphics library when I was taking Ruth Barth's classes. (Lucky me!) But he deserves a few ganglia even now.

Gives me the idea to plant greens for my chicks in a pallet. Maybe plants would grow and their roots would be protected from busy chicken feet stirring up the soil.

Chickens... Check out the spurs on that Rooster. In NY State, they'd be declared illegal.

Dad built me a chicken house and I had 10 chickens. I would sit out in the yard with them and play, building "swimming pools" and hypnotizing them with a straight line!

nature has definitely created some ostentatiously glamorous farm critters!!! ~ w/man's assistance, it would appear!!!

Our rooster, Rupert, settling down for the evening. His hens go in the coop... he grabs a tree to stand watch. He will be crowing by 4 am, sun up, or no sun up. :)

Well, Cockle-doodle-do to you, too! ♥♥♥ Previous pinner posted: Meet Mr.Rooster Head On

Three Amigos...I love this! My Aunt raised chickens as I was growing up. This makes me think of her which makes me happy

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