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This would be a beneficial activity for our lesson plan because it describes the atom spacing for each state of matter. This goes with our science part of the lesson, which will then build up to how money is made and the different states of matter it goes through.

States of Matter Anchor Chart: We recorded the three states of matter with three characteristics for each. This was useful to help students keep track of the information -- especially as these concepts are abstract.

States of Matter foldable: When covering the properties of matter in Science, I can use this project in Phase 3 as an evaluation tool to see if the student's truly understand the different states of matter. It's a good hands on activity that also includes the student's art and creativity skills. It's also a great way of documenting student's work.

This is a fun activity the teacher can use when talking about natural disasters (particularly earthquakes) and how they lead to the formation of landforms. This is a cool, engaging activity (involving food) that would be appropriate for students of many ages.

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States of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)

States of Matter (Solid, Liquid and Gas) sorting picture printable activity.

States of Matter FREEBIE! I hope your students enjoy these sorting printables. Black and white NO PREP printables are ready for you to print and go! Perfect for your science center or independent practice! 2 Versions included. Check out the full States of Matter unit here: States of Matter Sorting Cards and Printable Activities Be the first to know about sales, freebies and new product launches: *Look for the green star next to my store picture and click it to follow my store.

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Week 5- Properties of Water and Mixtures

States of Matter Anchor Chart