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Genealogy is not called ancestor or family search or research because it looked sophisticated and complicated (& it can be both), but because you start with a search. The internet has information everywhere...but you need to know how to use a search engine to find it. I find Google to be the best search tool, thus the Google Search Infographic to guide you to the info you need.

Hispanic Genealogy |The word Hispania refers to the people and culture of the Iberian peninsula, especially Spain. The term Hispano (Hispanic) later was used in referring to Spain and to New Spain in the Americas, colonial areas in Africa, Philippines, Guam and the Spanish East Indies. The word Hispania was changed to Hispanic in the United States. #culture #familyhistory #familytree #Hispanic

Make your family history come alive! You'd love to learn more about your ancestors, but the wealth of information online, in family scrapbooks, in libraries, and at courthouses is so vast, you don't know where to start your search. #genealogy #familyhistory

This all-ages guide makes genealogy fun and exciting. Find answers to all your family history questions using the simple, achievable steps found inside. Family History Detective includes: Tips on how to find family history information in your own home Websites, resources and techniques for online research Complete instruction on locating and using census, courthouse and church records An overview of library and archive research Instructions on how to plan, record and organize your research