Makeup tutorial on how to get that POP of color on eyes or lips

The Best Makeup for Your Eye Color

try with any color

like the colors

Eye makeup for: blue eyes

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dior eyes

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Lipstick is Faux, liner is Soar


Eye Makeup Tips

a guide to ALL the different eye makeup brushes

the best products according to a makeup artist

best makeup brushes

1. Translucent Powder to make it Matte 2. Clear lip liner to avoid bleeds 3. Exfoliate and balm 4. Highlighter on centre for fullness 5. Start with concealer for long lasting brighter colour | 5 lipstick tricks you should know. // #Lips #BeautyTips

Hair tutorial you will love!

okay - so she is kind of creeping me out - but I love her eye shadow - click the pic to get to the eye shadow set.

Makeup tips

Take the guesswork out of eyeshadow... base, contour and highlighter!

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