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Waterfuls Ring-Toss - I can't believe I forgot this ever existed. It was a staple in the 70s/80s toy repertoire.

When I'm happy it's green...when I'm sad it's blue...and when I'm mad it leaves a red mark on your forehead!

Mood rings... Still have mine! its like the one on the right, I think it was my moms but I always ♥ed it she let me have it!

The 1970's Mood Ring... I had one of these rockin' rings! I thought this thing was so amazing how it changed color. Can remember putting it on all my fingers to see if I could get a different mood out of different fingers.

I had a few different mood rings growing up. They never seemed to really work LoL but they were fun and pretty.

mood ring - I used to love those as a kid. Might just need to get one again for the fun of it.

Mood rings, still have mine. I had a Mood T Shirt until my Grandma put it in the dryer ;(

Mood ring. Purple was passionate. I asked my dad what that meant, and he said "friendly". :) Miss you, Dad!

I think all young girls had a mood ring at one time or another, but who saved the little paper that told us what mood each color was? Not I remember when mood earrings came out and my ears would show a different

Mood rings - one of the fads of the 70's. My friends and I were always checking our "moods" by watching the changing colors of the ring.

Love this flat, round design - does anyone know what this design is called?

Mood Rings. Till popular today! Just ask my 10 year old!