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    Unlocking a car with a tennis ball... ill be sooo happy i repinned this one day

    recycled crafts, how to reuse and recycle tennis balls

    oranges burn like candles and smell nice..who knew!

    DIY Chinese Knot Ball

    Can Tab Lampshade

    It's so much easier this way and I don't have to worry about nit-picking my own handwriting! I love it!

    How to cut glass with yarn and fingernail polish remover. Perfect for making candle holders, drinking glasses, planters, Lanterns, etc.

    This Trick Change My Life by #Cable_Storage #b_landau #Ear_Bud_Storage

    Design Your Own Glowing Light Globe

    I reuse all the plastic bubble wrap but some are no good to reuse. This is an awesome way to use them up! ReFab Diaries: Upcycle: Bubblewrap Beads!

    Fairies in a jar...going to make for my neices! DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake.

    Candoodles: Upcycle: Plastic food container = artsy bracelet

    Did you know if you draw on a lightbulb, that you can have really cute designs shine on your wall at night..

    Something to do with all those toys your little one has grown out of... glue to frame, spray paint, keep forever. Adapt for kids room and make bulletin board or mirror. Maybe have all girl related things like barbie shoes, costume jewelry, etc. Could also make one for myself with natural objects that have interesting form/texture such as pinecones and acorns.

    Cut a small "x" into the Ping pong balls, and pop them over the bulbs

    Good ideas!

    DIY bracelets. I want to make these

    backless bird house with suction cups for the window= you get to see the baby birds hatch!