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    Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. Ingenious. #gadgets #technology

    • Renee Baker

      Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. Ingenious. #gadgets #technology This has to be the coolest thing I've seen in a long time!

    • Sarah Burlingame

      Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain - seeing products like this make me miss my design classes!

    • Natalie Moore

      ‘Rinser’ Toothbrush Say goodbye to sticking your head under the faucet once you’ve got your hands on this new toothbrush. A genius design turns your toothbrush into a water fountain to make rinsing easy. Your morning routine just got infinitely better.

    • Cindy Bowers

      Amron-Oral Proto-type for a Rinser Toothbrush with built in device to create a water fountain for easy rinsing and replaceable brush heads.

    • Rachael Glaszcz

      Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. Ingenious. #gadgets #technology There are some creative people in this world!

    • BEcause Brand Experience

      Smart Rinser Toothbrush Normally you would use a cup or bend down to rinse when brushing your teeth. But this innovative toothbrush can save you the trouble. How does it work? It combines the function of a toothbrush and a water fountain which flows out of the handle.

    • Amy Lonergan

      water fountain + teeth brushing = grace might just lose her mind (2 of her favorite things)

    • Tatum Demian

      So Cool !Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. Ingenious. stuff

    • Stacy Vick

      Rinser Toothbrush with built-in water fountain. What an idea!

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