The Holy Grail of DIY Cleaning: 400+ Recipes for Various Household Items- Cleaners, Detergents, Pest Removal Recipes, Laundry Care- stain removal, pet care, and more in Alphabetical Order I think I may have heard angels singing when I opened this page...

22 Uses for Borax around the house (infographic) | PreparednessMama

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2 part hydrogen peroxide to 1 part Dawn (original blue) will take the stains out of almost ANYTHING...even if they're old stains! // Mix in a spray bottle and use as a stain remover spray- must try this!

dishwasher soap - Baking Soda (frugal favorite!) Borax (all-natural household cleaner, available at many stores in the laundry aisle) Mix together equal parts of each ingredient, store in a labeled container Use just like a commercial powdered detergent, approximately 2 TBS per load. That’s it! Each load will cost you mere pennies.

// DIY glass cleaner - In a spray bottle, mix together 1 cup rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol, 1 cup water, and 1 tablespoon white vinegar.

Ceramic tile grout cleaner! Borax & White Vinegar! I just got do e doing my entire bathroom... My grout looks as good as the day it was laid down! Not even the stuff from Lowe's worked this good!!!

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This Laundry Detergent is easy less than 1 cent per load

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Removing Oil Stains from Driveway

Throw up carpet cleaner. Every mother and pet owner needs this. (One of those you hope not to ever need, but you know you will...) I'll be glad I pinned this one day...

All natural cleaners you can make at home! #Natural cleaning ideas

How to Make Your Own Dishwasher Detergent for cheap! I can' t wait to try this. I LOVE my homemade laundry detergent

Stain Remover!

31 Surprising Uses for Baking Soda.

homemade stain remover recipe: This site has very good tips using daily household items to mix up and clean with

Best Keurig cleaning tutorial I've seen!