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Clever lyrics in pop music...this is why I listen to rock n roll. Actual lyrics...and incredible guitar solos.

Oooo look how happy the daddy is on the very last panel!! Laughing my butt off haha

If only this was how it worked, nursing would be so much more fun!!!!

There is a hole in the floor and we can see the class below us so we tied a cheeto to a peice of yarn and we are attempting to communicate with a girl below. So far she hasn't noticed.

What if... wow... I need this because sometimes calm just doesn't fit my mood!!!!

This is beautiful. I'm not OCD, but I can appreciate standing there for four minutes trying to decide!!

I need to hang this sign up on the inside of my back door for every time I leave the house.

Whatever, We Don't Even Care Anymore

Go head on Leo. Swing those arms you sassy man, you!

This totally misunderstood goose who got into one fight and now has to deal with the consequences: | 28 Animals Who Have Made A Huge Mistake