Water Spout and a Wave

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Impressive! Not sure it's a good idea for a travel, but if you stay at the photographer distance.... :) San Sebastian, Spain.

really shows how awesome God is...


Tornado in Namibia

Chattanooga Tornado - March 2012

Let's information flow freely, wisely and it will create value and energy, like in Nature! If well managed & anticipated

Super cell thunderstorm - Nebraska

furious nature

Combining Forces • (by Vern) • landscape, ocean, beach, waterspout, tornado, storm

Waterspout, Australia

I would do this as well... Lol. These kids are crazy...but my bucket list includes doing a ride along in a Storm Chaser Humvee with all the scientific tracking devices! :) THEY AREN'T IN A STORM CHASER CAR, THERE ON SKATEBOARDS... GO GO GAGETT LEGS! SERIOUSLY...WOW!

Beautiful moon

mother nature >> Amazing!

Powerful Nature -

Storms a coming...