i want this in my backyard

Weeping Willow

Willow tree near a pond in Montreal

White flowered Wisteria variety

Willow Tree by the River - Autumn

Beautiful Weeping Willow Tree

Willow by the Lake

~Purple is one of my Favorite Colors~ And just Imagine yourself taking a walk in this Beautiful place~ GOD is so Wonderful to Create such ~Beauty~:)



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Monet's Garden ~ Giverny, France

A walk among the trees... <3

Southern Oaks

amazing tree to get married under

Give me this to read days of poetry under the trees, and to write poems looking out on the world. I would live a happy, happy life.

Live Oak

So peaceful ...

Red tree By lalylaura

Gleam- this photo is gleam because the light is shining through the trees and reflected off the water. Elements include landscape, color, balance, shapes and open composition.