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Endor Leia Hair Style Tutorial

An in depth video tutorial for how to curl and style your hair like Padmé in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones!

Trança Super Cool e Nada Óbvia

A trança de raiz está cada vez mais na moda. Veja como fazer o seu look com essa trança de maneira nada óbvia.

Braids hairstyle is always fun to have. But applying same style everyday is no more fun; moreover it is kind of boring. For getting rid of your boredom on your favourite braid hairstyle you can make some changes. Read this post below. I have made this pos

Let's try our hand and Leia's Cloud City hairstyle from The Empire Strikes Back. Turns out it's pretty danged simple. If you've not as much hair as I have an...

Easy, wavy double braids for summer on @stonefoxstyle. 1. Part hair down center and separate evenly into 2 sections. 2. On one side, separate hair into 3 sections and begin a Dutch braid by pulling the right piece under the middle and then the left under the middle, while adding more hair from the root. 3. Braid until halfway down, secure; repeat on other side. 4. Using a ribbon curling iron, curl small sections of the loose hair on either end. 5. Finish with Lock It Bold Control Hairspray.