old barn

Old barn & wagon

Country Woman At Heart

I like the red accents. It's like a nod to tradition, but it's easier on the eye than a big red barn. Would not have dormers, looks too much like a house.

barn reflections - - oh boy - lets get this place and fill the pond with fish and have a cookout with friends

...items/memories in the barn that is about to collapse

Blue barn in the backroads of Tennessee. Love the color.

Could live here in a heartbeat.

Beautiful old farm house w/ barn in the back. I would love 2 live out in the middle of nowhere in an old farm house w/ horses dogs some barn cats.

Large barn: you can imagine how the space might be divided inside

Vermont barn one idea of a dream barn

I love red barns.  It's an on going topic on road trips & a constant needle in my husband's side since I've threatened to paint our shed barn red.

a BARN (a beautiful red barn. It's a building found on a FARM, and it is usually used for animals, hay, or farm machinery. It is a wonderful place to play when you are a child.

Cool barn

Cool barn

Barn & Cows by cathy

Barn & Cows- reminds me of back home.

Barn along route 66 in Bourbon, Mo

Old barn framed by a stone entry, located along old route 66 near Bourbon, MO.

Ah, here is where old Freckles came, his old home & barn pasture....................

Barn plus horse = country living!

my deam home would not be complete without thisand a few horses in it

Midnight Farmer // photo of NW Arkansas barn by Joel Mcafee for Capture Arkansas Photo Contest

Hayloft, Norway

Hayloft, Norway


Country - life on the farm - tractor and barn.


Old Barn. Id never leave this place. barns,Old barns,