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Chinese Jump Rope!

Remember these? Sucking and a whistling..haha

"Sewing Cards"

#1980s #toys #monsters

Little Golden Book "Cinderella"

Friendship pins. (If you were a girl during the 1980’s, and you had friends, you probably were given friendship pins. . .and, more than likely, you created a multitude of your own and gave them away to all of your girlfriends as well....)

Throwback Thursday! Played this game many nights at my Aunt Georgia Reynolds' house! She was hard to beat!

Near........ Far........ Near........ Far........

Grizzly Adams

Had several sets of these



26 Extinct Candies From The 80's

I have a picture of my mom playing this game with us.

I remember these!

1981 Vintage Western Barbie & Ken 2 Dolls had them both!

aluminum tree, 1963 Eaton's Christmas be honest I hated these

We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman 1970s LOVED HER!!! ~ all these workouts tonite wore me out! Taking my tight abs and buns to bed! Night all!

Old Wimpy friend of PopEye and Olive Oyl.....Vintage Cartoon Fun

Modeling Clay - remember this?!

Gotta love Barbie shoes!!! (Even if you couldn't find them. Ever.)

Cracker Jacks- When the prizes were something to be excited about...