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Little reasons to smile.

even better than regular hugs!

I'll never forget you. My best virtual friend. God bless you. M&A

I just need a hug. A real hug, nothing less. A hug where someone wraps their arms around me so tight and assures me that everything will be okay. A hug that makes me feel as though someone is actually there for me, and cares. Just a hug.

Namely, my best friend. Maybe he's not that tall compared to most men, but he's three or four (or maybe five) inches taller than me, and I think that counts.

Hugging people taller than you in general too.

being hugged from behind


Little reasons to smile

Little Reasons to Smile: Find Monet in Your Bedroom

Did You Know Facts

The Boys Who: call you beautiful instead of hot or sexy

Tickld Mobile - The Difference Between Men And Women. This Is Genius.

The Difference Between Men And Women. This Is Genius.

I can always find one of her songs that describes how I feel! One of the main reasons why I love her!

Taylor understands me.

awww! I wish...If a guy did this to me, I would probably love him forever!(:

Every girl loves to wake up to cute text messages from the guy she likes/loves.

still makes me blush

The small things count