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500 cal/day to loose 1lb fat/week. The calories burnt doing everyday things really add up but challenge yourself to take a walk with your family or hubby at night. You will feel better & it will make a significant difference in how quickly you loose your weight! #betterlifeahead

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100 jumping jacks a day.



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How to Lose 100 Pounds in 6 Months – Tips for Success! Only this way you can lose 50 pounds in 3 months, and drop 100 pounds in 6 months

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Dieting Strategies : Follow 5 Rules to Keep Your Belly Satisfied

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100 calories.

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It takes 21 days to make/break a habit.

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How many calories do i need? (Of course everyone is different, this is just to be used as a rough guide)


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5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

POPSUGAR Fitnessfrom POPSUGAR Fitness

The Workouts That Help You See Weight-Loss Results Faster

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How To Lose Weight In 3 Months

I've lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks from diet and exercise and wanted to share tips I use on how to make weight loss easier and more enjoyable.

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42 Best Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast …

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Reason to lose weight: To no longer feel like the fat friend.

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Do u want to LOSS Your Weight? Here is the Best article with a week diet plan This makes conform that u will loss ur weight to fitness with 1 week of this diet plan

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except number 2 because I have never wanted to wear a bikini...and number 4 because I have no best friends.

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The Butterfly Crunch works your abdominal muscles and your inner and outer thighs. If your legs rub when you walk, you want to add this to your routine to slim down those thighs! Exercises that work multiple muscles at the same time are the best because you burn more calories in the least amount of time! This way you can benefit from a 20-30 minute workout!

Preventionfrom Prevention

Shrink Your Belly In 14 Days With This Easy Plan

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Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days: This fastest ever routine will firm & flatten you from all angles in just 2 weeks.