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Oh my gosh, talk about puppy dog eyes! This little black lab puppy is so cute! He just wants to play with someone!


now tell me this didn't just make your day :)

i am convinced there is absolutely nothing i love more than black lab puppies

Leaf Autumn Black Lab Dog

AHH I just want to love him, and pet him, and keep him forever!

Black lab puppy

its a good thing they are cute

Gotta catch that ball...

black labs.

black lab puppy

My favorite type of dogs are labs and I have a chocolate one and a yellow one and a black one! Lol

lab puppy

Silver Lab

the look. It's called adoration

Black Dog

black lab


Black lab

A chocolate Corgador (Corgi and Lab). FOREVER LOOKS LIKE A PUPPY! Shut up! I want one!!!!