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teeny-tiny pug puppies!! I just want to kiss those smooshy faces!!

And God created this lovely creature and Adam loved it so much that he named it "Dog" which was "God" spelled backward!

teeny tiny sleepy pug face - so freakin cute. i ♥ when Mitzi's ears do that when she sleeps :D

Cutie pugs! Love animals? Why not get an Origami Owl Living Locket to show your love for animals! Check out: www.JackieMenende...

Teeny PUG puppy @Scott Doorley Doorley Doorley Doorley Kingsolver, pleeeeease!!!

teeny tiny animals | teeny tiny animals: Why do little pugs always look so sad ?

I want a puggle! Wonder if Fred would carry him around like this...probably not, but the thought is

in the morning by Lu Donfer, via 500px

Tiny baby pug - Amber dog has had a couple of litters of baby pugs, and my sweet Iris who died in child birth and left me with 5 babies to tend to. This pup was not one of Iris', it just brought back memories. The Vet took care of them while I worked for 6 weeks without charge.