40 things that will make you feel old

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That's so me!

May be handy for describing feelings...

28 Fun Facts Your Probably Didn’t Know...

Most. Ridiculous. Thing. Ever..

Pretty Much..

...and now I feel old...


Now I feel old. Who doesn't know what these are? I loved these things!

Things I forgot for a moment there.

The 90s!

Best autocorrects of 2012. I laughed so hard I actually cried lol

The good old days

FYI, cool facts. And I have always disliked Jenny McCarthy after her stupid a$s book and publicity hoopla about vaccines and Autism, but I didn't know the fun fact about the doctor behind it all...

90's problems...and kids today will never understand most of these

What is the creepiest thing your child has said to you? The last one made me laugh until I cried!!

"Dear God..." These are SO cute

All the time.