Fantasy map. I want to go to Camp Half-Blood, Narnia, Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Where the wild things Are, Terabithia, Neverland, Wonderland, Dreamland, Panem, and Land of the Lost!

All of them!

I belong in Harry Potter! Now if I could only get my letter....

Google Earth has Hogwarts? Yes!

Parenting win.

Which one would you pick and why? Red, because blue one doesn.t say how many characters nor if they are from the same world

By looking at your hands, you can tell what tribe you'd be in if you lived in the world of ATLA.

Game of Thrones map - a really good one!


This is definitely hubby and I after Twilight and Hunger Games but reversed when its a superhero movie


hunger games

the major geek in me really wishes this was true!!

Harry Potter, Disney!

Game of Thrones (Google Map) cool!

lol, i just stopped telling people to avoid this awkward situation