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    Cambrian stromatolites These lovely outcrops are found in the late-Cambrian aged Hoyt Formation of northern New York State near Saratoga Springs. They have been variably described as “Cabbage-head” stromatolites or “domal” stromatolites. Stromatolites are rocky fossils made out of alternating layers of sediment and cells/organic material that adheres the sediment in place. Much like the stromatolites found growing today near Australia’s Shark Bay ( , these grow out

    velociraptor signs - Google Search

    Schleich Kentrosaurus Toy Figure

    Araucaria Fossil Pinecones. Argentina

    Previous pinner: Had this print of very famous fossil framed-Went to this museum as a kid

    Two ancient reptile fossils preserved in fine, volcanic sediments from Liaoning (China).

    FOSSIL FISH WITH LEAVES Knightia sp., Populas wilmattae, Sapindaceae family Eocene Green River Formation, Kemmerer, Wyoming

    fossilized snake skin in boulder opal from Queensland, Australia

    Baby dinosaur skeleton was found. It is so intact that scientists can tell how it died.

    Fossil - Permian Period, 260 m - 42-23929798 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo

    One of the most amazing fossil finds ever: during the Polish-Mongolian paleontological expedition to the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, in 1971, an articulated Velociraptor mongoliensis skeleton was found with hands and feet grasping a Protoceratops andrewsi. Evidence suggests that these two dinosaurs were indeed killed simultaneously, smothered by sand, possibly during a dune collapse or flood.

    World Class Quadrops flexuosa Trilobite Prepared Free Standing - Potential Trilobite of the Year Quadrops flexuosa Trilobites Order Phacopida, Family Acastidae Geological Time : Middle Devonian Size (25.4 mm = 1 inch): Trilobite is 85 mm long by 53 mm wide (with spines) on a 75 mm by 65 mm matrix Fossil Site: El Oftal Formation, Ofaten , Morocco

    Actinopeltis globosus | An unusual trilobite from Morocco, with it’s very bulbous glabella.

    Opalized Sphenodiscus - I've a passion for fossils! Especially ammonites!! Having been most fortunate to have dug for the rarest of these beauties in South Dakota. Yes, in parts of Canada you may find these amazing red beauties, but it's my opinion that theirs don't even come close to matching South Dakota's. In 1998 I found my "museum quality" ammonite, that looks exactly like the one in this photo. Mine is all so in matrix, (makes it more valuable) and is larger than this one...LOVE IT!!!

    Fossil of bee

    Golden Calcite inside a Fossilized Clam Shell (Mercenaria Permagna) - From Rucks Pit, Fort Drum, Okeechobee County, FloridaFrom the Pliocene-Pleistocene Epochs

    Metopolichas Trilobite | Russia.

    Ammonite Lyme Regis

    This is a 50-million-year-old fish (Phareodus) from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This fossil is testament to a time when giant lakes covered large parts of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. The Science Museum of Minnesota's Paleontology Department has over 100 fossils of Green River fish, including some type specimens (specimens on which new species are based).

    This fearsome fossilized fish is preserved at the Sternberg Museum in Hays, Kansas. Posted by mike 11:03 AM | Comments/Permalink (0) Categories: Nature | top of page

    Fossil Trilobite - Selenopeltis buchi - Species of this extinct genus could reach a length of 4.5-6.3" (11.5-16.0 cm) and a width of 4.5-5.1" (11.5-13.0 cm). It lived during the Ordovician (Arenig-Ashgillian) : 478.6 - 443.7 million years ago - Image : © Hectonichus / May 10, 2012

    seldom seen crinoid-a modified feather star from New Caledonia (in the South Pacific) called Gymnocrinus richeri!

    This is a fossil oak leaf from Contra Costa County in California.