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  • Kristen Burns

    "Helping Grandma with the controller." Haha such a good idea. #humor #funny #grandma #grandparents #electronics

  • Gail Hoffman

    Helping Grandma with the remote...LOL! I really laughed out loud when I saw this... this is a good idea for my 93 year old Dad! I wish they just sold extra remotes with 2 or 3 simple buttons just for them! :)

  • Heather Leaphart

    Helping Grandma. True story. Great idea

  • Laura Wilson

    Hahahahaha I laughed for 10 minutes!! This is what I need to do for my grand parents!!!

  • M Joan Sprieck

    Helping Grandma with the remote. This wasn't so funny when I did this for my mother. I can laugh now.

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