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HAHA!!! -- Taylor Swift Makes Kanye West VMAs Joke on Gift for Ed Sheeran

....I totally thought this was like, some Doctor Who fanfiction because I didn't see the apostrophe after "heart". MLIA

Lego house:) I'm listening to it right now. I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a Lego house if things go wrong we can knock it down

Gospel Music's Dove Awards are held in Nashville "Music City"! #nashvillelove #doveawards

For some reason everytime I listen to this part of kiss me by Ed, I imagine him sitting behind a buch of computers stalking his fans..... After saying that, I feel insane.. Oh well!!!!

And i dont get waves of missing you anymore they are more like tsunami tides in my eyes ~ Ed Sheeran

Small Bump - Ed Sheeran - I have fallen so in love with his songs! They are all so beautiful!