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Thelymitra Pulcherrima

Dracula Raven Orchid

Dracula Raven Orchid

“Who I am today is a constant reminder of what I took from my past challenges.”

20120315: Libby Ingalls reports the following wildflower observations on Mt. Tamalpais: ... Fetid adder’s tongues are still out at the top of Cataract trail on the falls side at Laurel Dell....

Spring is coming! Learn about Fetid Adder's Tongue: blog.savetheredwo...

Fetid Adders Tongue

World's first night-flowering orchid discovered in Papua New Guinea.

The wild orchyd #flower #wildflower

The most distinctive kind of wild Orchid is White Egret. It commonly grows in Asia and has been successfully flourishing in the United States. Its different appearance makes it feel like a flying bird. As its name shows, this type of wild Orchid comes only in white flowers. A completely grown flowering spike can have ten flowers, and can attain the height of sixteen inches.

Cattleya Trianae, Colombia's national flower (a parasite, not a flower)

Cymbidium lianpan 'Tibet White Flower'

Dactylorhiza orchids

Fairy Lanterns

Fairy Lantern - Fine Art Print by Erica Hansel

Calochortus albus, AKA Fairy Lantern #CAnativeplant

Fairy Lantern

Calochortus albus - fairy lanterns

Alaska wildflower - Chocolate Lily

Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria lanceolata)

Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria biflora)

Chocolate Lily

Chocolate Lily, Seward, Alaska

Chocolate Lily

Chocolate lilies - nature provides the BEST color inspirations!!! love this!