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Vince Gill

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The Time Jumpers - Kenny Sears/Fiddle/Vocals - Dawn Sears/Vocals - Joe Spivey/Fiddle/Vocals - Larry Franklin/Fiddle/Vocals - Vince Gill/Guitar/Vocals - Paul Franklin/Steel Guitar - Ranger Doug Green/Guitar/Vocals - Andy Reiss/Guitar - Jeff Taylor/Accordion - Dennis Crouch/Bass - Rick Vanaugh/Drums Victor Mota Mota Donozo III And Lindsley, Nashville, Tn. - Monday 11...

I was about 11 when I remember listening to Vince Gill in the car with my dad. My dad's family is from Tennessee, and he loves bluegrass music haha I remember thinking that music doesn't have to be written or played within strict guidelines to have an impact! Thanks Dad and Vince for this lesson!!

The Time Jumpers, featuring Vince Gill, performed at the Music City Center grand-opening celebrations

Vince Gill ============================= profgasparetto / eagasparetto / Dom Gaspar I ================================== www.profgasparett... ================================== independent.acade...

Vince Gill - I love me some Vince Gill! Even older, grayer, with glasses .. he's still a cutie with a killer voice!

Vince Gill - super guitar player, beautiful voice. He's very funny too.

Vince Gill, country singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He has achieved commercial success and fame both as frontman to the country rock band Pure Prairie League in the late 1970s, and as a solo artist beginning in 1983, his talents as a vocalist, musician have placed him in high demand as a guest vocalist, and a duet partner.