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u2 lyrics | Tumblr

u2 lyrics | Tumblr


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Lorde Lyrics - 400 LUX - via http://ayearofthoughts.tumblr.com/post/70881738587/354-365-400-lux-lorde

Take Me To Church - Hozier #lyrics A metaphor for how homosexuals are treated by society. Love this song!

david gray lyrics | david gray # lyrics LOVE THIS SONG- MY FAV!!!

Lorde Lyrics - ROYALS via http://lifeisntlinear.tumblr.com/


Rihanna - Stay

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"Don't look for Love Quietly give it away and let it fine you back."

U2 lyrics

I was your chance to get out of this town/ but I ditched the car and let you down/ wait outside/ I hope the air will serve to remind you/ that my heart is as cold as the clouds of your breath/ and my words are as timed as the beating in my chest

Lyrics from Bad by U2


"... I still taste your song in me ..."