• Sarah Funk

    Melissa Etheridge continued to rock on even with cancer! #baldisbeautiful #beboldbebald

  • Barb Kaminski

    Melissa Etheridge performing with her post-breast-cancer shaved head at The Grammy's 2005, singing "Piece of My Heart"

  • Sue Brown Marshall

    Melissa Ethridge performing with her post-breast-cancer shaved head at The Grammy's 2005, singing "Piece of My Heart" What an awesome performance she blew everyone off the stage!!!

  • JoAnn Johnson

    Melissa Etheridge Melissa didn’t let breast cancer stop her from belting Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart” at the 2005 Grammys. Bald. “I remember when I finally made the choice,” she said on Dateline NBC. “Yeah, I’m going to do it bald. And you know what? Maybe this’ll help somebody who’s sitting on chemo, laying in bed and going, ‘God, I’m bald.’ Isn’t this weird? Maybe it’ll help them feel a little better. I didn’t know to what extent that would happen.

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