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i will support you in your decision to wear pleather leggings and a skirt pete wentz you go pete wentz

By far my favorite celeb

Holy Shit.... Jesus Christ...Fuck.... God damn. Sorry folks, i look at this pic and it instantly gives me Tourettes ~Jazeebelle

  • Shane ✗✗

    THAT is Billie?!?

  • ☠Jasmine Parrish☠

    You know what @Shane ✗✗ .... you are right i believe....i dont see the tattoos, and the ring looks i dont mean to sound cruel here, im a month older than him so i can say this....the body itself looks too young. Cant see him in ck tidies either..... Christ, who is this little kid that made me say those things? god, i need to shower now. i feel like a perv thats been and the shoes... Jesus, what was i thinking? Eeeeeewww.

  • Shane ✗✗

    I think this is one of those guys from All Time Low. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ☠Jasmine Parrish☠

    oh wow.... they are babies.... shit. i should delete this post, but this conversation (and the whole situation) is just too funny! Thanks for the info.

  • Shane ✗✗

    Haha they are. Keep it forever. And no problem.

Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy ONE OF MY BIGGEST CRUSHES EVER!! My first concert I was front row during one of my favorite songs and he kneeled down blew a kiss and shook my hand my friend Stephy had to catch me cause I about fainted #Fact#Reality#OMG

  • Shera Melton

    What song??

  • Lisa Pedraza

    I've been to almost 80 FOB shows. I've never seen Pete blow a kiss at anyone. He's just not like that. I call BS.


Pete Wentz- Fall Out Boy


Pete Wentz | Fall Out Boy

I pinned this just because of his shirt. Lol Xd

"I'm not crazy, I'm just not satisfied." - Pete Wentz (tweet)