• Henna❤️

    Let my love adorn yah.

  • kell carnill

    Absolutely love this song! My new favourite song for 2013 <3 xxx

  • Beyloving

    Miguel adorn lyrics

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Love these lyrics when I hear them I think of my sexy ass hubby!!

RIP John Pec - former drummer for David Ball. Who took GREAT pleasure one night a long time ago, after he had a few too many adult beverages, in telling me that he had a Grammy & David didn't. hahahaha, we laughed when I told him that David will always be my very favorite singer!

Imagine lyrics literally one of the best songs on the planet.

Rolling in the deep by Adele! I thought I'd kick off my new board, with one of my fav songs!

Only Morrissey can come up with lyrics like this! | There is a Light Print | by onetwofivego @Etsy

if someone said that to me wow just wow do not know what song is but I like it

I'm still in love with you even though you are on the other side of the earth... I miss you baby! I hope we will work when you come back next fall! ❤ I love you S.W.

Most beautiful song ever. I'm yours by The Script

Fun. Lyrics 👈 WRONG saves the day lyrics!! song lyrics, song quotes, songs lyrics music lyrics songs