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I was pulled into a parent/teacher conference when I announced, in the 2nd grade, that I would be marrying Steven Tyler.

aerosmith...not my fav song but pinned this especially for my bestie carly k. hunt

Aerosmith! Tough to say who inhaled, imbibed and injected the most, Aerosmith or the Stones. With some Jack I'd like to hear the tales from both.

Aerosmith-Lookin too cool for school.

Aerosmith-saw them in Lafayette , road trip...tire blew out on the way

Aerosmith...(there's a guy in my neighbourhood looking very much like Joe Perry back then....yowza!...bring back that look!)


Aerosmith. Saw them 2 times in concert but had tickets for 4 shows (2 got cancelled). Alot of energy.

Aerosmith- when the sunglasses they wore were to hide the night before...

Aerosmith. Loved them so much I made my children go to a concert with me years ago. They loved it!